My work is most often a reaction to environmentally destructive processes and inhumane acts that disturb me.  Our gluttonous practices resulting in deforestation, pollution, a growing endangered species list, and animal cruelty are just some of the issues that inspire my art.  With advancement in technology we are only becoming more efficient in butchering the earth and bleeding it dry for every greedy, frivolous and wanton wish we concoct, without a thought of consequences or sustainment.  I am motivated by my immense frustration, feelings of helplessness and broken heart.

            I work with various materials, always dictated by what I feel best represents the concept of a particular piece, but two materials that constantly resurface in my work are paper and steel.  I have a slight obsession with recycling and enjoy making artwork out of material that would otherwise be discarded after its initial use such as phone books, newspaper, junk mail and anything found at a yard sale or in a thrift store.  I am inexplicably drawn to tedious and repetitive processes.  But the immediacy of welding steel counterbalances the prolonged processes I often explore.  The resulting objects are a portion of my life, an accumulation of time, materials and thoughts that haunt me.



-Lindsey Wollard England

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